Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Should texting and driving be against the law Essay

Should texting and driving be against the law - Essay Example This has made texting while driving common among drivers coupled with the high numbers of youngsters on the road who are a fun of this method of communication. Texting while driving has been a threat to road users since it distracts the attention of the driver from the wheel and the road causing him to cause accidents. It is therefore necessary to come up with rules that can regulate the use of mobile phones by the drivers. Texting while driving is dangerous to the road users and should be illegal in Alberta. Alberta is a country which has always been keen on improving road safety rules by enforcing traffic policies and regulations. In addition, Alberta transportation aims at ensuring safety for all road users in the province through monitoring and enforcing safety standards. The Traffic Safety Act and regulations of Alberta guides all the road users on the traffic rules to be followed and the possible consequences of going against the set rules. Though these rules have helped manage traffic in Alberta, there are a few issues that crop up with time that hinder road safety in the province thus the rules need regular amendments in order to keep up to date with the advancing technology. The case of texting and driving on the roads of Alberta has been on the spotlight in the recent past and right now there is an outstanding bill that is waiting to be passed concerning whether texting and driving should be made illegal. Anyone who owns a mobile phone and has ever chatted online is aware of what communicating through text messages involve. It takes all the attention of a person leaving very little or none to the wheel and the road. The result of this is may be causing an accident and probably involving a chain of other road users since the roads in Alberta are usually busy. It would therefore be good if the outstanding bill passes to check on the rising road

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