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A Hypothesis Without Conducting Background Research

It is well established that people became ill shortly after the picnic. The root cause of the problem is unknown, and there are a lot of variables. By systematically using the scientific method this will enable Earl to find an objective, and reliable conclusion to his dilemma. Making a hypothesis without conducting background research would be futile. I would suggest him looking at his data more closely. Observation is a critical process and maybe he should become more observant. He has begun to ask questions, but only by asking the correct questions to the appropriate sources will he be able to find the route cause. Earl also has state it was at the school picnic, it would be nice to know if it was preschool, since younger children are more susceptible to food poisoning. Earl continues to observe by naming the different foods that were consumed and that everybody ate something. He states that within 24 hour that several people displayed symptoms of food poisoning. There were 30 peop le who became ill. Later, his hypotheses are either the potato salad or that the under cook hamburger has contributed to food poison at the picnic. At this time he has not run any experiments to ensure what made the people sick and even if he did I can t imagine him able to conducting the appropriate test. He will have to collect credible and reliable information in the next process. Doing research will enable him to analyze what food source caused the food poisoning. Lastly. Earl will have toShow MoreRelatedLink Between Learned Helplessness to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Depression in Battered Woman1085 Words   |  5 Pages(2007) designed a study to test the hypothesis that learned helplessness (LH) intervenes the relationship between violence severity and mental disorders in battered women, particularly posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depression (MDD). They also hypothesis that the severity of LH, PTSD, and MDD is positively correlated with the severity of v iolence. Lastly, it was hypothesized that here is a significant correlation between LH and the invested background factors such as child abuse, socioeconomicRead MoreCafs I.R.P Study Notes1352 Words   |  6 PagesCAFS Study Notes - Research Methodology Methodologies: Quantitative research Collects numerical data that can be quantified. Research with numbers. Focus on measuring, collecting and drawing relationships through statistical analysis and experimentation. E.g.: questionnaires, interviews and experiments. Benefits: Objective and reliable, less subject to bias of researcher. Qualitative research Collecting Information not involving numbers. Focus on small numbers of people and produceRead MoreScientific Methods Are Important When Studying The Natural World895 Words   |  4 Pagesorder to make new discoveries from the data already presented. Understanding scientific methods is essential when studying all types of science. The scientific method important because it helps establish a common denominator with all scientific research. It is not a fixed path, but it creates a general form for scientists to follow when making scientific investigations. There can always be unexpected data and the natural world may surpass the general form that the scientific method provides, butRead MoreThe Media s Role Into The Lives Of Our American Youth1405 Words   |  6 Pagesthese actions. â€Å"Research on violent television and films, video games, and music reveals unequivocal evidence that media violence increases the likelihood of aggressive and violent behavior in both immediate and long-term contexts.† (Anderson, Craig A., et al.). Qualitative Quantitative methods Furthermore the triangulation comes in when I ask what is the role of the media’s into the lives of American youth, when you can look at the different sides of the question. The research from surveys ofRead MoreThe Effects Of Fatherly Absence On Teenage Pregnancy826 Words   |  4 Pagespregnancy. Background Information ¬ Between the two sets of parents, fathers are the most uninvolved in child development (Lamb, 1996). Their contribution is often minimal and in some cases is often null. Society has often given importance and focus in the responsibility of the mother while that of the father has often been given a secondary significance. According to Horn (2002), fatherlessness has over time risen to become the root to social normlessness. Children raised without fathers are knownRead MoreScience and Investigatory Project1503 Words   |  7 Pagessalt affect the density of water? 3. Research your idea. You have to know your idea more. You can do this by reading, surfing the Internet or discussing it. Knowing your idea more will help you construct your work. 4. Form a hypothesis. Hypothesis will be your prediction in the idea that you choose. You dont need to research for this. You just have to guess. Make sure it is accurate and clear. 5. Plan your experiment. Your experiment will confirm your hypothesis. Make sure the experiment will answersRead MoreInstructional Technology Research Review : Student Attitudes Towards The Integration Of Youtube1478 Words   |  6 PagesInstructional Technology Research Review: Student Attitudes Towards The Integration Of YouTube In Online, Hybrid, And Web-Assisted Courses: An Examination Of The Impact Of Course Modality On Perception Introduction The purpose of this research study was to conduct more research on the use and outcomes of using the features found on YouTube. This study was needed because personal learning styles differ from learner to learner. Instructors must find the best method to deliver content to learners inRead MoreEthical Violations in The Monster Study Essay861 Words   |  4 PagesI will discuss the background of this experiment and the violations of ethics that were done in this study. The Monster study began on Jan. 1939, in Davenport, IA at the University of Iowa. The participates of this study were orphanages whose parents died in the civil war and their mothers could no longer take care them, so they were left in an orphanage. Johnson got permission from the University of Iowa to conduct his research at this orphanage. When conducting his research, Johnson decide toRead MoreSurvey Questionnaire On Social Networking946 Words   |  4 Pageswith family and friends o To make new friends o To make professional and business contacts o Other Analysis Why communication through social media is actively used more often than traditional face-to-face communication? The author will test this hypothesis by using a statistical test correlation on how college student are perceived interpersonal closeness? This testing will allow the opportunity to control any error by using a statistical test correlation. The researcher will be able to determineRead MoreBusiness Research Methods1575 Words   |  7 PagesBusiness Research Methods Ââ€" BU2S01 2006/7 Academic Season Assignment 1 Cut off date: Friday, 15th December 2006 You are required to evaluate the in terms of purposes, audiences and general strengths and weaknesses. The essay will account for 40% of the overall mark. Indicative word count: 1500 words. Note that you will need to submit your coursework to the Business School reception by 12pm (noon). Research Ââ€" an investigation involving the process of enquiry and discovery

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